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  • $700,000 Settlement for Elevator Injury

    Case Summary:

    Our client suffered injuries to various parts of her body while stepping out of an elevator that continued to move upwards after the doors opened, causing her to step out into thin air and fall to the floor.

    Galfand Berger brought claims against the building owner and the elevator maintenance company that was under contract to inspect and repair the elevator.

    After a thorough investigation, we learned that the elevator in question had a history of mis-leveling, and service company had been out to repair the elevator several times in the weeks leading up to our client’s injury.

    Despite, knowing the unsafe condition of the elevator, the building owner kept the elevator in service without providing any warnings about the risk of mis-leveling. Our client suffered injuries to her knee, wrist, shoulders and neck, and missed significant time from work while she recovered from her injuries.


    Our firm resolved the matter for $700,000.00