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  • Galfand Berger Personal Injury Attorney’s Recent $2.5 Million Recovery for Hand Injury Case

    Case Summary:

    Our client worked as a temporary employee at Cougle’s recycling plant located in Berks County.  He was responsible for loading paper into the front end of a paper shredder.  While our client was attempting to clear a paper jam at the output end of the machine, a co-worker placed the machine in the reverse function.  Our client’s glove was pulled into the machine and, subsequently, his hand and forearm were also pulled into the paper shredder machine.  Tragically, our client sustained severe devastating injuries to his left forearm and hand resulting in amputation of his hand.

    Richard Jurewicz, a Senior Partner at Galfand Berger, represented our client in this hand injury case.  He initiated a careful and thorough investigation of the circumstances surrounding this case and determined that the paper shredder machine did not have a guard attachment in place when the workplace accident occurred.   The investigation determined that the machine was originally sold to WebCraft Technologies in 1988 and five years later was traded to Recycling Equipment Corp. (REC).  Later, REC turned around and sold the shredder to Cougle’s.  It was discovered that over the years the machine had been altered and repaired several times.  Cougle’s claimed that they received the machine in 1993 with no guard in place and were never informed that a rear output safety guard needed to be on the machine or was originally provided with the machine.  Mr. Jurewicz, a well-known known hand injury lawyer in Pennsylvania, was able to establish a solid case against both the machine’s manufacturer and used equipment seller claiming that the shredder was defectively designed and unsafe as originally sold and when it was resold.


    Richard Jurewicz successfully settled the case prior to trial.  The full recovery settlement in this hand injury case was $2.45 million.  This settlement is one of the largest settlements ever in Berks County, which is traditionally known as a conservative venue.  This is the third Berks County case in the last six years in which Mr. Jurewicz has obtained a recovery for one of Galfand Berger’s clients in excess of $2 million.

    This is just one example of the many successful multi-million dollar recoveries that Galfand Berger personal injury lawyers have achieved for their injured clients and their families over the past sixty-five years.  If you or someone you love has been injured, contact the Philadelphia personal injury firm of Galfand Berger today toll free at 1-800-222-8792 to speak with Richard Jurewicz or one of our other experienced, knowledgeable attorneys.  You can also email Richard Jurewicz directly at [email protected]