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  • $270,000 Settlement for Amputated Fingers in Blending System Accident

    Tucker v. Defendants

    Case Summary:

    Our client was employed by a plastics company that manufactures PVC piping, where he operated a mixing hopper.

    While in the process of operating the equipment, our client noticed that the hopper became jammed.  He attempted to troubleshoot the source of the jam. While doing so, our client leaned on the metering basket, causing the a valve to close and shear off a portion of his left index and long fingers.

    The incident was investigated by OSHA and defendants were cited for not having lock out/tag out procedure that complied with OSHA regulations.  The machine, designed by defendants, was defective because it did not contain an interlock/limit switch on the perimeter gate access door.  Such a switch would automatically shut off power to the blending system in the event that an operator opened the perimeter gate without first turning off the equipment.

    Our client suffered functional loss of the middle finger on his non-dominate left hand as a result of the accident.


    The personal injury case settled before trial for $270,000.  The case was handled by Philadelphia products liability attorney, Richard M. Jurewicz, of Galfand Berger. For more information on this case, please contact Mr. Jurewicz at [email protected] or contact the law firm at 1-800-222-USWA (8792).