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  • $665,000.00 Recovery for Turnpike Worker Injury

    Case Summary:

    Our client was employed by the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission as a First Responder.  On the morning of November 30, 2020, he was dispatched to an overturned vehicle that was partially blocking the right lane just past the Cumberland exit of the turnpike.  After pulling up to and behind the overturned vehicle, our client got out of his car and walked up to check on whether there was an occupant in the overturned vehicle.  A tow truck was also pulling up in the left lane near the area of the overturned vehicle.  Claiming that he was unable to merge into the left lane because the tow truck was now occupying it, Defendant-driver, who was employed by and driving for Defendant World Courier, Inc. at the time of the accident, attempted to avoid striking our client’s vehicle by riding on the shoulder of the road.  In the process of doing so, Defendant-driver went up a low embankment and then re-entered the turnpike roadway between our client’s vehicle and the overturned vehicle and struck our client.

    Defendant-driver was issued several moving citations.  He pled guilty to three of the citations as part of an open court guilty plea.

    Our client suffered a full thickness tear of left rotator cuff and tear of labrum and post-traumatic stress disorder.  He was out of work for nearly six months but returned to work without any medical restrictions or wage loss.

    Rick Jurewicz argued that Defendant, World Courier, Inc., negligently entrusted its vehicle to its employee, who had a poor driving record before he was hired less than two months before the accident and during the pandemic.


    Rick resolved this matter for $665,000.00

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