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  • Client Recovers $715,000 Following Tractor-Trailer Accident

    Case Summary:

    On July 17, 1998, Braden Young was driving a tractor-trailer on Interstate 295 in Woodstown, N.J., when he rear-ended another tractor-trailer. Young suffered a fractured kneecap, a torn patella tendon, and a non-displaced fracture of his ankle, as well as several minor lacerations.

    Young sued Herbert G. Davis, the operator of the other tractor-trailer, as well as Intrac Transport, Inc. Davis counter-sued Young and Gray Trucking, the owner of the tractor-trailer. Young’s injuries included cervical strain and sprain, a concussion, and several bruises and contusions.

    The accident occurred after Davis had pulled to the side of the road to check his directions, and the defense argued that Young lost control of his vehicle and slammed into the back of Davis’s parked tractor-trailer.

    Plaintiff’s counsel argued that a portion of the trailer abutted into the right lane, and thus Davis caused the accident. An accident reconstructionist and a trucking expert testified on behalf of the plaintiff, and photos taken by the New Jersey State Police supported that impact was in the right lane.


    Young could not return to truck driving and claimed losses of more than $80,000. The plaintiff settled for $715,000