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  • Client Nearly Ejected from Amusement Park Ride

    Case Summary:

    Our client was nearly ejected from a ride called the Airborne as it began its climb. The ride’s faulty motion coupled with a lack of common safety equipment (a seat belt), caused her neck injuries.

    The ride’s head maintenance man claimed to be an expert under Pennsylvania law and testified that our client’s accident could not have possibly happened as described by her and other eyewitnesses. His opinion was freely given despite the fact that he did not witness the accident and his repairs, previously performed on the ride, were at issue in the case. This “expert” gave these opinions even though he was not an engineer and he had difficulty identifying common information. We used mechanical engineers and nationally renowned amusement park experts to cut through the ride owner’s poor excuses and sloppy maintenance.


    We obtained a significant, confidential settlement for our client.