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    Common Surgical Errors

    There are many things that can go wrong when having surgery.  If a surgeon or assistant makes a mistake during a procedure, you may have a right to receive compensation for your injuries through a medical malpractice lawsuit.  A Philadelphia medical malpractice attorney can assist patients and their loved ones during this process.

    Damage to a Planned Surgery

    Before a patient undergoes surgery, the hospital has a responsibility to disclose all of the potential risks involved.  If damage occurs that was not disclosed as a risk, patients may claim malpractice, as they might have elected against having surgery had they known of that risk.

    Post-Surgical Infections Due to Unsanitary Surgical Instruments

    Contamination of surgical equipment is very dangerous and can lead to life-threatening infections and diseases.  As a result, viruses and bacteria may weaken patients’ immune systems and cause incurable conditions.

    Instruments Left in Body Cavity

    Surgeons must be incredibly careful to keep track of all instruments used during surgery in order to prevent items from being left in the patient’s body.  This includes sponges, clamps, forceps, and scalpels.  Although rare, mistakes do occur and can cause life-threatening injuries.  Sharp objects may pierce vital organs, while soft objects can fester and cause infection.

    Wrong Operation Performed

    This may include operating on the wrong patient, performing the wrong type of surgery, or operating on the wrong part of the body.  These incidents are entirely preventable, but may cause life-long difficulties and debilitating conditions.

    Anesthesia Errors

    Errors in administering anesthesia—whether the patient is given too much or too little—may cause brain damage, asphyxia, organ damage, heart complications, coma, or death.  These mistakes commonly occur while anesthesia is administered, during surgery, and when the patient is regaining consciousness.  Given today’s medical knowledge, many anesthesia errors are a result of negligence and are completely preventable.

    Failure to Properly Monitor Patient During and After Surgery

    By properly monitoring heart rate, blood pressure, brain activity, lung function, and a number of other levels during surgery, medical professionals can adequately address any issues that arise.  However, if they do not immediately resolve complications, patients may be severely injured. After surgery, infections and other problems may also come up.  If a patient suffers due to improper monitoring, there may be an opportunity for a medical malpractice lawsuit.

    Unexpected Injury During Surgery

    If a surgeon accidentally severs an artery or punctures an organ during surgery, the patient could be at risk for unique and preventable complications.  This type of negligence, if not taken care of immediately, may result in severe injury or death. To find your best options in your medical malpractice case, speak to the Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyers at Galfand Berger LLP by calling 800-222-8792.