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  • Norman Weinstein Helps Hurricane Victims

    Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyers discuss the devastation felt in Florida after Hurricane Michael. One of Galfand Berger’s attorneys, Norman Weinstein, recently went on a humanitarian trip with his wife and daughters to help Florida-based families affected by Hurricane Michael. The storm formed in October 2018, and was the third-most intense hurricane to ever touch down on the Atlantic Coast of the United States. In the state of Florida, it is the strongest storm on record so far.

    Injures, Deaths, and Damages

    Altogether, 60 people died during Hurricane Michael. Tens of thousands were injured, and the storm caused more than $15 billion in damages along with other kinds of economic losses. The storm rendered hundreds of thousands of people without electricity and power, and wind gusts reached above 135mph, shredding homes and buildings in its wake.

    How Hurricane Michael Hurt Florida Families

    Although it has been several months since the storm ravaged the state of Florida (as well as Central American countries like Honduras, Nicaragua, and El Salvador), the destruction of what it leftPhiladelphia Personal Injury Lawyers weigh in on the aftermath for the victims of Hurricane Michael. behind is still severe. On their trip, Norman and his loved ones worked alongside families who still needed help with household infrastructure repairs – ranging from mold removal to property cleanup.

    Here are just a few glimpses of the victims of Hurricane Michael that Norman came into contact with and helped on his recent volunteering trip:

    • An oxygen-dependent, elderly woman living in a mold-ridden home – despite the fact that mold is known for being able to worsen people’s pulmonary problems. Because of how expensive the rental housing market in Panama City is right now, the woman is forced to stay in her damaged home, breathing in contaminants. Without assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), she is forced to rely primarily on the kindness of others to help with making repairs and maintaining other basic needs;
    • A disabled veteran whose house was uninsured when Hurricane Michael hit the area. FEMA was only able to give the man $6,000 for household repairs – sadly, that does not equal even one-third of costs for the total damages. Even though the man is a disabled, 56-year-old war veteran, he continues to support and volunteer throughout his community to help others who are also in need, and:
    • Three generations of women living under one roof, each with preexisting medical conditions. Since the hurricane hit, the three women have struggled to find reliable healthcare; as a result, the family is faced with numerous challenges that have worsened since October 2018.

    How Can You Help?

    It is not difficult to find volunteer opportunities for victims of Hurricane Michael in Panama City, Florida, as well as in other parts of the state. There are a variety of ways that people can help, like by repairing people’s homes, making financial donations, and even by offering other services (like pro-bono medical or legal aid).

    Norm and his family spent a week down south, and they were able to see the devastating effects of the storm through their own eyes. A number of faith and non-faith based organizations put together volunteer trips, which you can learn more about through website.

    More about Norman Weinstein

    Norm has done a lot of volunteering and pro bono work in the past. He has worked with the Legal Clinic for the Disabled (LCD), Philadelphia Volunteers of the Indigent Programs (VIP), and the Support Center for Child Advocates. Norman has been selected as one of Pennsylvania’s Super Lawyers every year since 2005, an honor awarded to only the top 5% of more than 34,000 PA attorneys.

    Norman has practiced Workers’ Compensation and Social Security law for more than 30 years. He is a fierce advocate for injured workers and disabled individuals, and strives to foster the relationship between public interest law and public health concerns. To find out more about Norman or speak with a member of his legal team, please contact a representative at our firm who can help.

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