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  • Galfand Berger Supports Amanda Green-Hawkins for Superior Court Judge

    Philadelphia Injury Lawyer supports Amanda Green-Hawkins for Superior Court Judge.Our firm is proud to support Amanda Green-Hawkins for Superior Court Judge. Amanda is an advocate for workers and a necessary voice on the bench.

    Information on Amanda Green-Hawkins

    It can be difficult to learn about a candidate’s platform and figure out what they really stand for. Before the upcoming General Election – which is this November 5th – you can learn more about Amanda Green-Hawkins and her bid for Superior Court Judge:

    • Amanda comes from a Union family – her mother was a factory worker and her father was a Korean War vet, a member of the Carpenters Union, and a truck driver;
    • Early on in her career, Amanda represented a group of immigrant women who worked in a factory. Their employer was threatening them and saying he would move the factory out of the country, leaving them jobless. After Amanda won the case, the workers were ensured safe working conditions, fair wages, and clean air and water, and:
    • As a Union lawyer for the United Steelworkers, Amanda fought tooth and nail for workers’ rights. She even wrote a brief and delivered oral arguments on a case against a company refusing to pay pensions to more than 800 of its own employees.

    When Amanda first began her professional career as a lawyer, she was faced with a difficult decision: keep fighting to defend working class families or join the ranks of a high-powered firm and take home a guaranteed, large income. Her first job at the law firm would have been to litigate a case bent on destroying a union, so according to her the right answer was simple: she wanted to keep fighting for marginalized and vulnerable people.

    Galfand Berger for Amanda Green-Hawkins

    At Galfand Berger, our mission has always been to help injured and vulnerable people and to stand on the right side of justice. We also are proud to give back to our community. With her deep passion for the law, public service, protecting working families, the underprivileged, and civil rights, our firm is proud to support Amanda Green-Hawkins’ bid for Superior Court Judge.