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    Building Collapse Accidents

    Construction, demolition, and abatement operations are often regulated by states and municipalities to ensure the safety of the workers and the public. However, construction accidents can occur. The nature of construction inherently places workers as well as nearby individuals in great danger. A building collapse is among the greatest of these dangers, as a structure collapsing puts many parties in a life-threatening position. For these reasons, building collapses often result in serious injuries or death.

    Here are some questions you might have following a building collapse accident

    A building collapse puts at risk the safety of workers, bystanders, and inhabitants of the buildings neighboring the construction site. Those within the structure during the collapse can experience catastrophic injuries or death from the compromised building materials. Additionally, any worker on scaffolding or a ladder during the accident may fall and sustain injuries. Those nearby to the construction site may become injured from falling debris. Surrounding buildings bear great risk as well because the damage from debris or the building falling upon them can trigger a secondary structural collapse, causing another building to fall.

    A construction company’s failure to take proper care during construction, renovation or demolition of a building can result in the building’s collapse or the collapse of a nearby structure.

    Another cause of a building collapse can be issues in the design, too much weight placed on the structure, inferior building materials or a poor foundation. If the building is not properly designed to handle the expected weight, there is a serious danger of the structure collapsing. Inside the structure, the weight of equipment and other items may prove too heavy at any point during the construction, demolition, or life of the building.

    Often, poor quality building materials have been linked to the eventual collapse of a structure. A foundation failure may also lead to a building collapse, as a properly built foundation is required to ensure the building’s weight can be supported as well as protection from natural forces and ground moisture. Finally, a construction company’s failure to take proper care of a building during construction, renovation or demolition can result in that building’s collapse or the collapse of a nearby structure.

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