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  • Products Liability Lawsuits Being Filed Against Manufacturer of Bard Power Port

    Philadelphia Product Liability Lawyers at Galfand Berger LLP Fight for Maximum Compensation for Clients Injured by Defective Medical DevicesDangerous or defective medical devices, such as faulty implants, pacemakers, and prosthetics, can give rise to a products liability claim if a person is injured or dies due to their use. Despite Food and Drug Administration (FDA) monitoring, products can still be defective in their design, manufacturing, or marketing.

    An increasing number of federal lawsuits are being filed against the manufacturer of Bard Power Port implants, one of several varieties of port catheter devices designed, manufactured, marketed, and sold by Bard Access Systems, Inc. Plaintiffs are all citing similar allegations of injuries due to an inherent design defect and manufacturing flaws that make the device prone to fracturing and migrating out of position.

    What Is the Bard Power Port Device?

    The Bard Power Port is a vascular access device implanted just under the skin to allow for easy attachment to a catheter to deliver medication, intravenous fluids, parenteral nutrition solutions, and blood products. The device received FDA approval in 2000 for treatments requiring repeated IV access, such as chemotherapy, long-term antibiotic therapy, total parenteral nutrition, and pain management.

    Injuries Linked to Bard Power Port

    The Bard PowerPoint has manufacturing and design problems that make the device susceptible to fracturing after being implanted. Not only does the implant migrate and cause severe vascular damage, it is also prone to several other malfunctions that can be life-threatening.

    Users of the Power Port have experienced a variety of injuries, including:

    • Hemorrhage
    • Cardiac/pericardial tamponade
    • Thromboembolism
    • Infection/sepsis
    • Blood clots
    • Cardiac arrhythmia
    • Severe and persistent pain
    • Perforations of tissue, vessels, and organs
    • Need for additional surgeries
    • Wrongful death

    Problems With the Device Were Allegedly Known for Years

    A central point in the current wave of lawsuits is the failure to warn consumers of the PowerPoint’s flaws or modify its design to make it safer, despite receiving numerous adverse reports shortly after the product was introduced on the market. Healthcare providers reported that the device was fracturing post-implantation and was found to have perforated internal vasculature.

    Despite this knowledge, Bard failed to warn consumers of these risks and refused to adopt more reliable materials. Pending lawsuits allege the defendants intentionally misled patients and medical professionals about the safety of the Power Port system and knowingly put a dangerous product on the market without adequately warning users about potential risks. As a result, many lawsuits have been filed arguing for the defendants’ liability for causing patients unnecessary suffering.

    Who Is Eligible for a Claim?

    Bard Power Port claims are being pursued by individuals who received the device and experienced any of the complications or injuries previously mentioned. In addition to lawsuits, claims are also being investigated for individuals who suffered injuries caused by other Bard implantable port devices.

    Family members who have lost a loved one due to a defective Bard PowerPoint system may be eligible to file a wrongful death lawsuit with the help of an experienced lawyer.

    We Have Extensive Experience in Defective Medical Device Cases

    Our firm currently accepts cases of patients injured by the Bard Power Port port catheter device. Galfand Berger LLP has over 75 years of experience recovering significant financial recoveries for clients injured due to defective medical products.

    Click here to learn more about our verdicts and settlement.

    Philadelphia Product Liability Lawyers at Galfand Berger LLP Fight for Maximum Compensation for Clients Injured by Defective Medical Devices

    If you or a loved one suffered harm from Bard Power Port, our skilled Philadelphia products liability lawyers at Galfand Berger LLP can help. Call 800-222-USWA (8792) or contact us online to schedule a free consultation. Located in Philadelphia, Bethlehem, Lancaster, and Reading, Pennsylvania, we serve clients in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, including Allentown and Harrisburg.

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