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Truck Accidents Caused by Blind Spots

Blind Spot Areas on Commercial Trucks

Many motorists are unaware that a truck driver may not be able to see them as they travel behind the tractor trailer. Oftentimes, there are signs on the back of a commercial rig that provide drivers with a reminder that if they are unable to see the truck driver in the truck’s rear-view mirror, then the truck driver cannot see them.

Blind spots can also prevent a truck driver from seeing a pedestrian that may be passing the back or front end of the truck.

A large 18-wheeler has several vulnerable areas where blind spots prevent their view. These areas include the front of the cab, the rear of the trailer, and the sides along the cab and trailer. Cars and pedestrians traveling within these areas of a large truck run a  risk of being struck. To avoid accidents, drivers and pedestrians alike need to keep a safe distance between them and a truck.

Truck accidents occur when the truck driver switches lanes or makes a turn.  Vehicles traveling too closely to the back of the truck run the risk of getting hit when the truck backs up or they run into the back of the trailer if it makes a sudden stop.

Cars traveling in front of commercial trucks should pay close attention to the distance they leave between their vehicle and the truck’s cab. The truck driver will not be able to see a car that is traveling directly in front of the cab. The car can be rear-ended by the truck during traffic light stops, lane changes, or sudden stops.

Liability for Truck Accidents Caused by Blind Spots

If a truck accident is caused by a blind spot, the truck driver can be held liable if they failed to follow safety protocols. Obeying the local speed limit, using back up cameras and side mirrors when backing up or making turns, and routinely inspecting and maintaining a safe rig is the responsibility of the truck driver and fleet owner.

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