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  • Takata Recall Now Includes Millions of Hondas

    Philadelphia Product Liability Lawyers weigh in on recalled Honda vehicles due to dangerous Takata airbags. Just a few weeks back we wrote about a recall including various Toyota and Lexus-brand vehicles due to the notoriously defective and dangerous Takata airbags, which are prone to exploding and expelling pieces of shrapnel at drivers and passengers alike. To this day, more than 70 million vehicles in the United States – of all different makes and models – have been recalled because they contain various models of Takata airbags.

    Well, now you can add 1.1 million more – this time Hondas – to the ever-growing list of vehicles pulled from the market after being installed with the lethal airbags. The majority of the automobiles were manufactured between 2001 and 2016. After a Maryland-area woman was injured by Takata airbags in a recent crash, Honda was forced to launch this most recent and widespread recall.

    What’s the Deal With Takata Airbags?

    A number of different Takata airbags have been recalled for various reasons. In this most recent recall, however, it is because of a chemical that Takata used when manufacturing its products. Airbags work by inflating and deflating quickly, and they intend to provide occupants with a soft cushion – as well as a bit of restraint – in the case of a motor vehicle accident. In order to do this, airbags usually contain chemicals that cause a small explosion to create the initial inflation.

    Takata uses a chemical called ammonium nitrate to create the small explosions that inflate airbags when an accident happens. Recently, the manufacturer added a moisture-absorbing chemical – called a desiccant – to the airbags to keep the ammonium nitrate stable (it had been linked to accidents in the past).

    Although the company claimed to believe that the chemicals it was using would be safe for vehicle occupants, after a 2018 accident and investigation led by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) this was determined to be false. The new chemicals that Takata added to its airbags rendered them unstable, and prone to rupturing and causing injuries to occupants; in the case of the Maryland woman, she was lucky that hers were not fatal.

    By now, at least 23 people across the United States have been killed in accidents that involve Takata’s defective airbags, and hundreds more have sustained a variety of mild-to-severe injuries. It is already dangerous to travel on American roadways, especially since car accidents are one of the leading causes of death in the country. Not only is it time for Takata to take responsibility for its deadly and dangerous products, but also to ensure that millions of consumers are protected nationwide.

    The Most Recent Takata Recall: Which Honda Vehicles?

    Honda released a statement saying that it will notify owners of the recall via mail starting in early April – but that the replacement parts are available from manufacturers other than Takata immediately. To make things easier for Honda owners and drivers, the vehicle manufacturer is also offering free loaner cars during the replacement and repair process.

    Here are some examples of the Honda vehicles included in the recent Takata-related recall:

    • Honda Accord 2001 to 2007;
    • Honda CR-V from 2002-2006;
    • Civics manufactured between 2001 and 2005;
    • Honda Elements ranging from 2003 to 2010;
    • Honda Pilot 2003-2008

    It is important to note that this is not the first time Honda has been forced to launch a recall because of explosive Takata airbags. The majority of these vehicles were already under previous recalls – and for the exact same reason: defective Takata airbags.  This time Takata used a chemical they thought was safe. Again, they were wrong.

    If you own a Honda vehicle that is included in this recall, contact the auto dealer right away. Even if you are unsure about whether or not your vehicle may be affected, it is always better to be safe than sorry. If you have any additional about the Takata recall, or regarding injuries you sustained because of the defective Takata airbags, please contact a representative at our firm directly who can help.

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