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  • Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyers: Polaris All-Terrain Vehicles Recalled

    Polaris All-Terrain Vehicle Recalled Due to Manufacture Defect


    Polaris All-Terrain Vehicles RecalledAll-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are popular throughout the U.S. and are enjoyed by many age groups. ATVS, also known as “quads”, are fairly small vehicles that are designed to be completely open. They can fit two-to-three people and can be operated on rough, uneven ground. For many of these reasons – the fact that they’re open, can be taken out on all types of terrain and hold multiple people – ATVs are dangerous and cause many injuries and fatalities annually.

    There are nearly 8 million ATVs in use throughout the United States. Each year, more than 130,000 people end up with injuries, some quite serious, because of riding them. Even more startling is that annually an estimated 800 people die as a result of ATVs. In the late 80s, at the prompting of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) certain regulations were put in place to make ATVs safer for the American public. Yet all-terrain vehicles still pose imminent dangers to consumers today, especially when they are manufactured defectively and cause injuries.

    The CPSC issued the Polaris ATV recall, citing that the risks to consumers include burn and fire hazards. The two ATV models were manufactured in such a way that their right panel shields can melt, causing serious injuries. Another defect that can result in damages is that the exhaust springs stretch, leading to damages in the exhaust seal. Once the exhaust seal is compromised there can be leaks that also lead to fires and burns. There are roughly 20,000 units included in this national recall.

    The manufacturer reported to the CPSC that there have been nearly 800 incidents so far involving all the recalled ATV models. Many have included reports of burned or melted side panels. Additionally, there have been 47 reports of fires and 4 burn injuries to consumers. As a result, Polaris has voluntarily recalled more than 25 models that were manufactured between 2015 and 2016.

    This is not the first time that Polaris has been involved in a recall. In fact, the manufacturer recalled different Sportsman models because of crash hazards this year as well. This time, the defect had to do with the electronic power steering column. Other products from Polaris have been recalled for similar reasons, and although the company appears to be working with the CPSC to warn consumers, it is difficult to understand why Polaris is manufacturing so many defective products.

    The company has advised consumers to immediately discontinue all use of any of the affected models and will be providing free repairs or necessary replacements. To identify whether or not you own a recalled model, check the number on the fuel tank cover of your ATV. The models were sold in many different colors and for varying prices. If you own a recalled Polaris ATV, please be safe and stop using it altogether until you have contacted the company.

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