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  • Recalled Nap Nanny Causes Another Infant Fatality

    A defective product poses serious, even fatal risks to innocent victims.  A recent case highlights the dangers of defective products.  An eight-month-old New Jersey infant is the most recent fatality of a recalled product called the Nap Nanny.   This fatality is not the first infant death attributable to the Nap Nanny according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

    According to the CPSC, the baby was restrained by the belt of the Nap Nanny and the infant recliner was placed in her crib.  The infant became wedged between the Nap Nanny and a crib bumper and died.

    The Nap Nanny was once thought to be a creative, drug-free solution to address an infant’s congestion or digestive symptoms due to the recliner’s inclined design.  However, once the CPSC determined the product posed a safety risk to infants and the Nap Nanny was deemed as dangerous, the product was recalled and it became illegal to sell or re-sell them.

    The CPSC refers to this most recent tragedy as an important safety reminder to Americans that once a product is recalled, it should never be used.  Although the Nap Nanny is no longer being sold in stores since the product recall, it continues to be available to consumers through yard sales, online auctions or as hand-me-down gifts.  Parents and caregivers need to be mindful to never allow their children to use a recalled product with a hazardous defect or unsafe design such as the Nap Nanny.

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