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  • Philadelphia Personal Injury Law Firm – Fighting For Our Clients

    December 27, 2013 – Our civil justice system gives a powerful voice to those injured through the bad actions of others. Too often, these injuries have long-term, devastating effect on injury victims and their loved-ones. Income is lost, medical bills pile up and physical and emotional trauma is long-lasting, if not permanent.

    Injuries from defective products and machines, negligently maintained property, careless and reckless driving, medical errors, workplace mishaps and employment discrimination are all too common. Those hurt are often unaware of their rights and remedies. For over 65 years, Galfand Berger has been championing the rights of injured workers, consumers and individuals.

    Below are some examples of the cases we resolved in 2013:

    • $4.2 million dollar settlement for client who suffered severe workplace burn injuries;
    • $2.5 million to a client whose left hand and forearm were amputated as he tried to clear a jam from a paper shredder;
    • $500,000 to a processing plant worker who had two fingers amputated by the unguarded bales of the discharge chute;
    • $500,000 settlement involving an injury at paintball facility where a 14 year old boy lost was struck in the eye by a paintball pellet while standing behind poorly maintained “safety netting;”
    • $500,000 settlement for back injuries sustained by a patron at an amusement park who fell while getting off a ride;
    • $475,000 medical malpractice recovery client who died after being left unattended in hospital emergency room corridor.
    • $420,000 to a client who had three fingers on his right hand amputated on poorly designed conveyor belt;
    • $350,000 medical malpractice recovery for a client who lost partial vision after a doctor failed to properly treat our client’s glaucoma;
    • $335,000 for smoke inhalation injuries sustained in an apartment fire;
    • $290,000 Workers’ Compensation recovery for our client, a factory worker, who suffered a low back injury that required back surgery and extensive rehabilitation;
    • $275,000 to our client who lost his index finger clearing out a jam in a processing machine;
    • $250,000 settlement of a client who suffered hand injuries as a result of a defectively guarded machine
    • $240,000 to a client who slipped and fell on an icy parking lot at a local hotel;
    • $225,000 recovery for a client struck by a poorly designed vehicle at work.  Our client suffered back, neck and shoulder injuries;
    • Over $220,000 recovery for a client injured in an automobile accident after being struck by  a drunk driver;
    • Over $200,000 settlement for our client’s arm injury after he fell on a poorly maintained ramp
    • $150,000 settlement for client whose apartment door fell on him, causing an aggravation to pre-existing low-back injury;
    • $137,000 recovery for a client who slipped and fell at a department store due to water that splashed from a fountain display causing knee injuries;
    • $130,000 to a victim of slip and fall on ice at a nursing home;
    • $110,000 to an injured worker struck by a mini-backhoe;
    • $100,000 settlement for pedestrian who was struck in the head by the side-view mirror of a passing SEPTA bus;
    • $42,000.00 in Social Security Disability back benefits for our client, a general laborer, who suffered a back injury;
    • $40,000.00 to five employees of a posh Philadelphia restaurant for withholding tips by their employer;
    • $34,000 in Social Security Disability benefits to our client who suffered with bilateral knee and bilateral shoulder problems; and
    • $28,000 in Social Security Disability back benefits to our client, whose suffers from a learning disability, Parkinson’s disease, degenerative disc disease, and adjustment disorder.

    If you or a loved one has been injured, please call our Philadelphia injury law firm at 1-800-222-8792 or contact us online to speak with an experienced attorney.