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  • Women’s Clothing Recalled

    Violation of Fire Safety Standards

    Philadelphia Product Liability Lawyers: Women’s Clothing RecalledThe Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) released a recall of women’s scarves that violated federal fire safety standards. The scarves do not meet the federal flammability standard for clothing and put consumers at risk of burn injuries.

    DG Fashion manufactured the scarves, which were sold online at Amazon for about $10-20 between June 2015 and March 2017. The recalled scarves come in many different colors and all have fringe at the end. Both Amazon and DG Fashion are attempting to contact consumers directly in order to alert them of the recall.

    The U.S. has stringent flammability standards and as a result, most clothing must undergo testing to ensure that it does not burn too rapidly. This is to make sure that should an article of clothing light on fire, a person has as much time as possible to remove it before serious injury or death occurs.

    The Flammable Fabrics Act has been in place since 1953 to regulate clothing flammability levels and disallow for fast-burning and dangerous clothes to remain on the market. The CPSC acts as the watchdog of the flammability standard, since clothing is not the only product that is regulated under the law; it also includes paper, furnishings, plastic, foam and more. Because of these legal guidelines, it is the responsibility of manufacturers and distributors to ensure that their products meet all the flammability safety standards.

    To keep consumers safe and prevent any injuries from occurring as a result of the unsafe scarves, the CPSC is instructing anyone who owns them to immediately discontinue use and contact DG Fashion directly to receive a full financial refund. To view the CPSC’s recall, please click here.

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