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  • $2.25 Million Jury Verdict for Employee’s Hand Injury

    Hand Injury Case Summary:

    The plaintiff, a recently hired employee, was assigned to work with a mixer machine used for the production and processing of dog food. Upon returning to the mixer after a two-hour assignment elsewhere, plaintiff noticed that the discharged doors of the mixer were jammed with dog food. Believing the mixer to be off, the plaintiff inserted his hand into the mixing chamber to remove the clogged dog food, when his hand came in contact with the rotating blade.

    As a result, plaintiff’s left hand was nearly amputated with devascularization of the thumb, index, long and ring fingers; and fracture of the metacarpals of the thumb, index, and long finger.

    The plaintiff alleged that defendant, Baker-Perkins, failed to provide an interlock discharge door equipped with a jog switch and failed to warn.

    The plaintiff also claimed that the defendants, National Can Corporation (the initial purchaser of the mixer) and California Home Brands, Inc., (who sold the mixer to plaintiff’s employer) failed to warn of the mixer’s dangerous propensities as required by law.


    Verdict in favor of plaintiffs for $2.25 million. The Jury awarded plaintiff $1.75 million for his claim and plaintiff/wife $500,000.00 for her claim. Our lawyers have helped dozens of serious arm and hand injury victims recover monetary compensation. The case was handled by Richard M. Jurewicz, Esquire of Galfand Berger. For more information on this case, please contact him at [email protected].