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  • Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyers


    Auto Insurance: Summary of Coverages


    Type Of Coverage: What It Protects: Recommended:
    Liability – (Bodily Injury) Other driver’s injuries $100,000/300,000
    Medical Your/family medical bills $5,000 if good health insurance; $100,000 if no health insurance
    Uninsured Motorist Your/family injuries where other driver has no insurance $100,000/300,000 Stacked
    Underinsured Motorist Your/family injuries where other driver has low insurance $100,000/300,000 Stacked
    Full or Limited Tort Your right to claim for injuries Full Tort
    Loss of Income 80% of your lost wages Don’t need if you have other income loss benefits; $5,000/month $50,000 max if no other coverage.
    Funeral Benefits Your funeral costs Don’t need if other coverage; $2,500 if no other coverage.
    Accidental Death Death benefit Don’t need if other coverage; depends on your individual needs.
    Collision Damage to your car Not recommended for older vehicles. Higher Deductible lowers the cost. Whether to purchase depends on vehicled value.
    Comprehensive Theft or fire loss Depends on your individual needs.
    Extraordinary Medical Loss Medical bills over $100,000; covers next $1,000,000 Important for very severe injuries.