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  • Category: Autonomous Vehicles

    Self-Driving Vehicles: Questions of Safety and Liability

    In the last 10 to 15 years, developers and automobile manufacturers worldwide have funneled nearly 100 billion dollars into the development of self-driving, or automated, vehicle technologies. Although many proponents claim that automated vehicles will significantly reduce roadway fatality and injury rates in addition to decreasing traffic congestion, the technology is still largely in its[…]

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    Self-Driving Vehicles Now Approved For Deliveries

    Federal legislators recently decided that robotic delivery company Nuro will be allowed to move forward with its goal of creating a nationwide fleet of purpose-built self-driving vehicles. The cars will deliver food and groceries on behalf of companies like Walmart, Krogers, and Domino’s Pizza – but unlike regular cars, Nuro’s will be completely driverless. The[…]

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    Autonomous Cars

    Auto industry enthusiasts have been anticipating the day when autonomous vehicles will be out on the open road. With help from a recent decision by American auto safety regulators, that day may be coming sooner rather than later. Getting Autonomous Vehicles on the Road Autonomous cars are self-driving vehicles that operate without standard devices including[…]

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