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  • Philadelphia Business Torts Attorneys

    Business Litigation Attorneys in Philadelphia

    Business torts refer to the area of law that involves a wide range of claims and disputes that can develop in business ownership, business transactions and business management. Specifically, business torts involve wrongdoings or misconduct that occur in a business relationship.  An individual or company engages in a business practice that is considered unethical, unjust or dishonest that results in an economic or business loss.

    Our highly skilled and knowledgeable Philadelphia business litigation lawyers have represented clients needing legal assistance with the following types of business torts and business disputes:

    • Fraud and Misrepresentation:  a business party or company intentionally misrepresents facts that cause harm to another business party or company.
    • Interference with Contractual Relations:  a party is entitled to bring a claim against another party when they believe that the other party intentionally or negligently interfered with their ability to enter into a business relationship or contract with another leading to economic damages.
    • False Advertising:  harm done to another person or entity from misleading, false or deceptive advertising.
    • Breach of Fiduciary Duty:  a fiduciary duty is one in which a party has a legal obligation to act in another party’s best interest.  If a fiduciary duty is breached, legal consequences can result.  An example is the relationship that exists between an organization’s board members and that organization’s shareholders.
    • Disparagement:  this type of business tort occurs when a party makes false statements in regards to the quality of another party’s goods or products.
    • Unfair Competition:  a party or entity markets a product that is too strikingly similar to another party’s product.
    • Intellectual Property:  business tort claims involving issues of copyright, patent or trademark infringement and trade secrets.
    • Computer Torts:  another corporation or entity intentionally damages another party’s computer hardware or software leading to a business loss.
    • Minority Shareholder Oppression:  a business’ majority or controlling shareholders use various methods in an attempt to freeze out or squeeze out a corporation’s minority shareholders such as withholding dividends, improperly terminating employment or benefits, relinquishing their decision making duties, failing to disclose corporate documents and records or creating a situation in which the minority shareholders are essentially forced to sell their corporate stock below the market value. Read about $2.1 Million verdict.
    • Business Divorces – the dissolution of a business involves a myriad of issues such as stock liquidation and asset distribution and/or liquidation, and is often contentious and adversarial.

    It is important to understand that every case is unique and different.  Determining the validity and viability of a business tort claim can be a complex and challenging process.  It is for this reason that the legal aid of an experienced business litigation attorney is crucial.  The Philadelphia business torts attorneys at Galfand Berger have decades of experience, an intrinsic knowledge of the law and a host of effective legal strategies that can assist our clients in all matters of business torts and business disputes whether we are negotiating a settlement or litigating a case before a jury.

    Contact Galfand Berger:  Experienced Philadelphia Business Litigation Lawyers Providing Aggressive, Effective Legal Representation in Business Tort Litigation

    If you have any questions regarding a potential business tort claim, call the business litigation attorneys today at Galfand Berger.  It is important to have the legal guidance and support from a law firm that has successfully resolved similar business tort claims with a track record of securing favorable verdicts and settlements.  Our team of competent business dispute attorneys will take the time to explain the intricacies of your case and we will aggressively pursue your business tort claim to help you recover any economic losses that you have suffered.

    Our offices are conveniently located in Philadelphia, Reading, and Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and in Burlington, New Jersey.  We represent clients throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey, including the regions of Allentown, Harrisburg and South Jersey.  Call the well-established and reputable law firm of Galfand Berger today at 1-800-222-8792 to schedule an appointment with one of our qualified Philadelphia business torts lawyers or contact us online.