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  • Parking Lot Safety During the Holidays

    Reading personal injury lawyers discuss parking lot safety during the holidays.The holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year. Many people are traveling to shopping malls, restaurants, and retail establishments, excitedly and anxiously in search of the perfect gift or a special celebration with family or friends. What most people fail to realize is that the parking lots and garages can be dangerous places.

    Cars backing out of parking spaces, poorly lit parking lots, unmarked wheel stops, and distracted drivers and pedestrians can lead to serious accidents. Thieves in search of someone else’s treasures are often prevalent as well, adding another dimension to a dangerous environment. With a few simple precautions and attention to our surroundings, holiday shopping and celebrations with friends and family can be safe and happy occasions.

    Safety Tips

    Safety advocates at AAA and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety offer safety tips to keep shoppers, diners, and partiers safe during the holiday season.

    • Be vigilant at all times when traveling in a parking lot and pay close attention to your surroundings.
    • Beware of cars backing out of parking spaces and drivers that are cutting across parking lots at a high rate of speed.
    • Be aware of distracted drivers that may be on their phone, texting, or looking for the perfect parking spot.
    • Be extra cautious in post office parking lots, which are high accident areas as cars continuously come and go.
    • Park in well-lit areas as close to the entrance as possible when traveling alone at night.
    • Ask a security guard to walk you to your car if you are feeling particularly vulnerable.
    • Have car keys in your hand before you begin your journey across the parking lot. Keep your head up and your eyes open for any suspicious or dangerous activity.
    • Check under the car and the backseat before entering your vehicle.
    • Keep packages in the trunk where they are out of sight.
    • Never stop to talk to a stranger that approaches you in a parking lot and avoid getting into your car if there is a suspicious-looking vehicle parked next to you.
    • Beware of predators that abuse the charitable nature of good Samaritans who they approach with a false need for assistance.
    • Routinely review your car’s insurance policy to ensure you are adequately protected against theft, damages, and accidents.

    Women can be especially vulnerable in parking lots at night. Sex traffickers, drug dealers, sexual predators, and thieves often prey on women in parking lots, especially during the busy holiday season. Be prepared to defend yourself and have an escape plan in mind so you can be ready to react in an emergency situation.

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