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  • CPSC Issues Yet Another Statement Against Inclined Infant Sleepers

    Philadelphia products liability lawyers discuss CPSC issues yet another statement against inclined infant sleepers.The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has issued several recalls and consumer advisories to warn people against using inclined infant sleepers – and just last month, the agency released its latest. Despite its numerous pleas, the CPSC has continued to receive reports of completely preventable injuries and deaths related to inclined infant sleepers but hopes this newest press release will serve as a sobering reminder to the American public.

    What Are Inclined Infant Sleepers And Why Are They So Dangerous?

    Inclined infant sleepers claim to give parents a break by providing children with semi-inclined (typically between 10% and 30%) sleeping surfaces. But inclined sleepers do not comply with the American Academy of Pediatrics’ safe sleep standards. According to the AAP, infants should always be put alone on a firm, flat surface, unrestrained, and without any soft bedding or bumpers present.

    The risks associated with inclined infant sleepers have not decreased – if anything, they have grown. The CPSC conducted an in-depth investigation and uncovered 1,108 reports – and 73 deaths – related to inclined sleepers between 2005 and 2019. The CPSC also hired an independent safe sleep expert who confirmed that not one inclined infant sleeping product on the market is safe for infants to sleep on.

    The CPSC’s Statement

    Erin Mannen, the independent safe sleep consultant specializing in biomechanics and mechanical engineering, also found that soft or “plush-like” sleeping surfaces pose serious sleep-related hazards to infants. It is unclear why such dangerous and deadly products are still being sold, but the CPSC has officially issued the following recommendations to parents and caregivers:

    • Do not use infant sleeping products with inclined backs greater than 10 degrees,
    • Never use a car seat, bouncer, or other inclined sleep product for infant sleep,
    • Follow accepted safe sleep guidelines, which say infants should sleep on bare surfaces without pillows, blankets, or other items and that parents and caregivers should place infants to sleep on their backs on firm, flat surfaces, and:
    • Be sure to check to ensure that your nursery products are safe and have not been recalled

    If your child sustained injuries associated with inclined infant sleeper use, contact a representative at our firm who can help.

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