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  • National Work Zone Awareness Week

    Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyers discuss work zone accidents. Driving through a work zone can be hazardous for even the most experienced drivers. Each year, there are approximately 100,000 crashes in work zones. To help raise awareness about how to handle the dangerous conditions found in highway construction zones, the Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (ASHTO) and the American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA) are sponsoring the National Work Zone Awareness Week from April 8 to April 12, 2019.

    Safety Risks for Highway Construction Workers

    Workers in highway construction zones risk their lives each day on the job.  According to the Federal Highway Administration, there are on average 12 work zone accidents resulting in fatal injuries each week. Each year, approximately 150 construction workers are killed by motor vehicles in work zones. Many non-fatal accidents can cause devastating life-changing injuries, including broken bones, loss of limbs, traumatic brain injury or concussion, internal bleeding, spinal cord injuries or paralysis, and other permanent disabilities.

    With spring and summer being the peak seasons for road construction on highways, the risks of worker injuries spike. Common types of work zone accidents involve rear-end crashes, speeding accidents with motorists driving over 50 miles per hour, and collisions involving pedestrians and bicyclists.

    Campaign Highlights

    To promote safe driving in construction zones, motorists are encouraged to follow posted speed limits, reduce distracted driving behaviors, and remain alert for workers and equipment on the highway. Supporters are encouraged to take pictures of themselves wearing orange on Wednesday, April 10 and post them on social media under #Orange4Safety.

    For 20 years, National Work Zone Awareness Week has helped shed light on the importance of developing a uniform set of safety tips for drivers in work zones, promoting best practices regarding work zone safety in the construction industry, and providing continuing outreach efforts to private companies and individuals.  Roadway workers and construction companies are encouraged to continually communicate the message of roadway safety to motorists.

    Compensation for Workers Injured in Work Zone Accidents

    Construction workers injured while working in a designated work zone can require years of medical treatment, including rehabilitation services and occupational or physical therapy. The amount of medical expenses, prescription drug costs, and lost wages resulting from the worker’s inability to work can be overwhelming for families. To help alleviate the financial strain, many workers are entitled to receive Workers’ Compensation benefits for their injuries. Injured workers should always consult with an experienced Philadelphia work injury lawyer familiar with the nuances of Workers’ Compensation laws to ensure that they receive the maximum amount of compensation available.

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