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  • Holiday Truck Accidents

    Philadelphia Truck Accident Lawyers weigh in on the increase of trucking accidents during the holidays. With the popularity of online holiday shopping increasing each year, you may assume that traffic accidents and fatalities decrease. It is quite the opposite. In fact, trucking accidents increase as much as 10 percent during the holiday season as weary and fatigued drivers work tirelessly to deliver online purchases ahead of the holiday. The following are reasons to take extra caution when driving during the holiday season.

    Inexperienced Drivers

    Online shopping has afforded consumers more free time to enjoy holiday parties and festive gatherings, which increases the number of cars and passenger vehicles sharing the road with delivery trucks and tractor trailers. To keep up with the holiday demands, trucking companies may hire inexperienced drivers, or fail to properly train new drivers, leading to more accidents. Pressure to keep up with delivery schedules can require long shifts and weekend work, leaving drivers with slow reaction times and poor focus.

    Weather Conditions

    Even with strong precautions, accidents are likely to happen during the holiday season. Thankfully, there are steps that youcan take to reduce your chance of being involved in an accident with a truck. Poor weather conditions increase the risk of accidents. Avoid traveling in snow, ice, and heavy rain whenever possible, and make sure that your tires are in good shape with plenty of traction to help you control your vehicle.

    Blind Spots

    Passenger cars, trucks, and vans need to pay close attention and avoid traveling in the blind spots of trucks. These areas are directly in the front and rear of a truck, and along both sides of the cab doors, especially the right-hand side. Trucks making lane changes or sudden moves are unable to see vehicles in their blind spots, putting those in cars near them at extreme risk for serious or fatal injuries.


    Truck drivers and passenger vehicle operators should always obey local speed laws. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reports that speeding is the number one cause of fatal car accidents involving trucks. Always be sure to travel at the minimum speed limit and keep a safe distance between you and the truck in front of you or behind you. Tailgating or following a truck too closely can result in fatal rear end collisions.

    Your risk of becoming involved in a serious or fatal truck accident are significantly reduced by using common sense, giving your attention to the road, and following local speed limits. Make sure you practice safe driving to ensure that your holidays are cause for celebration.

    Philadelphia Truck Accident Lawyers at Galfand Berger LLP Represent Victims Injured in Trucking Accidents

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