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  • Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyers: Winter Car Accidents

    Winter Car AccidentsAs winter temperatures drop, car accidents caused by snow and ice rise. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration, over 6,000 people are fatally injured and 445,000 suffer personal injuries in weather related car accidents each year in the United States. Snow, ice, freezing rain, high winds, and low visibility all contribute to a high number of fatal and serious car accidents in the winter months between November and April. Though the statistics are grim, there are many preventative measures drivers can take that will reduce their likelihood of becoming a statistic.

    Prevention and Preparation Will Keep You Safe This Winter

    Prevention is key, and driving in snow and ice conditions poses a significant risk to all drivers on the road. Even the most seasoned driver can lose control of their vehicle in wintry weather conditions. It is essential during the winter months to check the weather forecast before getting behind the wheel. When snow and ice are predicted, avoid traveling unless absolutely necessary. Delaying your trip to the office even for a few hours, or leaving the office early while temperatures are warmer, can help you avoid icy patches on the road.

    Moreover, drivers should prepare their cars for winter before the first snowfall. Tires should be filled with air and checked for wear. Antifreeze and other important fluids should be inspected and filled if needed. Windshield wipers should be free from tears or chips to ensure that your view is unobstructed. Be sure to keep a supply of water, a few snacks, and some warm blankets in the car in the event you become stuck. Keep cat litter, salt, or sand bags in your car to use for added traction. It is also wise to carry matches in a waterproof container and a working flashlight. Ice scrapers and brushes should be onboard all vehicles during the winter months.

    Avoiding Injury if Stuck in the Snow

    In the event that you should become stuck in your vehicle, stay inside the car and never venture out in snowy conditions to find help. Use flashers or flares to signal for help. Turn off your vehicle and only turn it on periodically to warm the car up. It is never advisable to allow your vehicle to idle. Dangerous fumes and carbon monoxide can build up in the cabin of your car when tailpipes become blocked with snow or mud. Having an extra pair of gloves and a hat in the car will help if yours become wet from trying to clear snow or push your car.

    In all cases, let common sense prevail. If you think you should wait out the storm, do so instead of risking serious injury.

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