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  • Zoo and Amusement Park Safety Issues

    Zoo and Amusement Park Safety IssuesAs the weather continues to get warmer, many of our clients and their families – with their young ones, in particular! – will be making trips to local attractions such as the zoo and amusement parks.

    Primarily, what is most important is to remember is that it is the legal obligation of the zoos and amusement parks to protect you and your loved ones. However, even with that being the legal reality, there are issues of premises liability and safety that occur, as we just learned recently with the Cincinnati zoo incident.

    Recently, a three-year old boy was able to breach the protective barrier at the gorilla enclosure at the Cincinnati zoo. Luckily, the child was left unharmed although sadly, zoo officials had to shoot and kill a 17 year old Silver back gorilla. As of a few days ago, the gorilla exhibit reopened, and a new, protective barrier was put in place. According to the Cincinnati zoo, the new barrier goes “beyond” safety regulation requirements.

    Similar incidents involving lackluster, and quite frankly fatal, safety equipment and barriers have occurred at amusement parks as well. Children and adults both have been injured or killed after falling out of amusement park rides or even breaching barriers that are meant to separate riders from the rides themselves. In addition, there have been several injuries, and sometimes even deaths, that have occurred due to safety issues at zoos.

    With this in mind, we have compiled the following list of recommended safety precaution tips that you and your family can utilize prior to making any amusement-based trips!

    • Don’t let your children wander. Keep them nearby and keep a close eye on them!
    • Teach your children to be calm and quiet around animals and not to taunt them with loud noises and/or movements
    • Do not lift your child above any barrier or even simply to rest them on a fence, etc.
    • If photos in close-proximity to animals and/or amusement rides are allowed, avoid them anyway. Many of these accidents occur in close-quarters.
    • Teach your children about the dangers, and wonders, of these situations. At the zoo, make sure you teach them that these are wild animals, not domestic ones. At amusement parks they should be aware of the power of the rides.

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