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  • Dangers of Drowsy Driving

    Dangers of Drowsy DrivingThe dangers of drowsy driving are severe and wide-reaching. Throughout the United States, each and every day there are automobile accidents caused by driving while drowsy.

    It is estimated that over 1.2 million accidents that occur annually are due to drowsy driving. Out of those 1.2 million crashes, roughly 8,000 people lose their lives.

    While it may be obvious that drowsy driving is dangerous, the real affect of sleepiness on cognitive function and alertness is sometimes downplayed. The reality is that for an average person who is awake 17-19 hours, their function is just as diminished as someone who has drank enough to be at the .05 level. If that person continues on with their day and is awake for an hour or two more, it is possible that they are as impaired as someone whose BAC is .1 percent. What this means is that drowsy driving is sometimes literally equivalent to drunk driving.

    Some employers are working to protect their employees from driving while drowsy. Lots of people work late nights and extra long days, so on those occasions, many companies are implementing plans for providing drivers for tired employees after completing their shifts. Companies like Toyota and Uber are also joining the effort to decrease drowsy, tired driving. Spreading the word on the dangers of drunk driving had positive effects on decreasing the problem, so one can only surmise that as we continue to learn about the serious risks associated with drowsy driving that it’s rate too, will go down significantly.

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