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  • Medical Information and iPhones

     How an App Could Save Your Life


    Philadelphia Medical Malpractice Lawyers Report on Medical Information and iPhonesImagine this: there is a patient in a hospital and they are in critical condition and can’t talk. Important, life-changing decisions need to be made about how to proceed and these decisions have to be made quickly. But here is the problem: no one can identify this patient. Perhaps they don’t have their ID. Without being able to properly identify them, doctors and nurses are unable to contact any of the family members. Without being able to speak directly to the patient or any of their emergency contacts, the patient’s medical history and background too is unknown. This means that someone’s surgical history, food and medication allergies as well as their personal, medical wishes could all be completely up in the air to the very people meant to help and care for them.

    Now imagine the exact same scenario but with just a small change: this non-communicative, critical, unidentified patient has an iPhone with them. iPhones automatically come equipped with an app called “Health”, which is identifiable as a white box with a small heart in the corner. When the application is opened you will see a star-shaped icon: this is the medical ID and it stores a user’s emergency contact information, medical conditions, allergies, blood type and even more. Sometimes this information is referred to as ICE info, or “in case of emergency”. In other words, this application is a game-changer in terms of treatment possibilities. Even if your iPhone is locked, the medical ID can be opened and viewed. This allows for medical professionals to access incredibly important information in emergent situations. Some Androids also have a similar ICE application, though not all. There are also various applications that you can purchase that are similar to the iPhone’s Health app.

    If you have an iPhone or an Android that is equipped with Health, a medical ID or ICE (in case of emergency) application, consider its benefits. Used properly, this quick and easy app could quite literally aid in saving your life.  Of course, each user must personally weigh the pros and cons of having this information so easily accessible.

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