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  • Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyers at Galfand Berger Wish Our Clients a Safe Holiday as Thanksgiving Auto Travel Makes A Comeback

    According to AAA, driving accounted for 90 percent of Thanksgiving travel in 2012.  Close to 40 million people drove over 500 miles to celebrate the holiday with family and friends last year. Multiple travel associations expect these numbers to increase this year as driving makes a comeback from the height of the recession in 2008.

    Driving is the most popular form of travel for the Thanksgiving holiday because most families stay relatively closer to home for the few days they have off as compared to the Christmas holiday when they have a full week off to travel. For a family of four or five, it is more economical to travel by car than by plane. This results in substantial increase of more cars on the road, making Thanksgiving one of the most dangerous days for automobile accidents.

    The chance of being involved in an automobile accident intensifies over Thanksgiving weekend in part because half of those travelers will make “same-day” trips. Drivers are more likely to become tired, in a rush to get home and may be feeling the effects of holiday cocktails. The combination of these factors along with the significant increase of cars on the road is often the cause of many holiday car crashes.

    Additional traffic volume results in stressful and crowded roadways that put drivers and their passengers at risk for motor vehicle accidents.  Congested roads and heavy traffic cause drivers to become frustrated and lose patience. Holiday drivers often become aggressive and take more risks.

    Make safe driving decisions this Thanksgiving season to reduce your risk of being involved, or possibly injured, in a motor vehicle accident.  Allow extra time and patience to get to your destination. Consider a safe alternative, such as staying the night or taking a break from driving. Wear your seat belt, stay alert and don’t drink and drive.

    Galfand Berger – Personal Injury Lawyers In Philadelphia

    Wish You Safe Travel This Thanksgiving Holiday Season

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