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  • Philadelphia Personal Injury Attorney Discusses Motorcycle Safety

    By Henry Yampolsky, Esq.

    Recently, I was fortunate enough to take the Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s Basic Rider Course.  It was thrilling to learn to control a complex, exhilarating machine!

    The first thing I learned during the course had little to do with the actual mechanics of riding, but was probably the most important part of the course.  It was risk management in the case of a motorcycle accident.

    Risk Management to Avoid Motorcycle Accidents

    Few things can be as exhilarating as a motorcycle ride on one of Pennsylvania’s abundant twisty, country roads.  Yet, there is also no denial that motorcycling can be a risky endeavor.  The three basic ways to manage the risks of riding are:  gear, training and insurance.

    There are numerous studies, which undeniably confirm that wearing a proper, DOT-­approved helmet can significantly increase one’s chances of walking away from a motorcycle crash. However, a DOT-approved helmet is only the first, albeit the most important, piece of gear that any responsible motorcyclist should use. A motorcycle-specific, abrasion-resistant jacket and pants, full gauntlet, padded gloves and ankle-high motorcycle boots can save one from multiple skin grafts due to road rash.

    Perhaps the most important tool in managing the risks of riding is proper and continuous training. Although, Pennsylvania is among the states which offer free rider training through the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, many riders never bother even with the Basic Rider Course. In addition to the Basic Rider Course, which is essential for acquiring the fundamental skills for safe motorcycling, the Motorcycle Safety Foundation offers multiple other courses for intermediate and advanced riders. Most are free and are offered at various times at sites around the State. The information about Motorcycle Safety Foundation Courses offered in Pennsylvania can be found here.

    Finally, should you happen to have a motorcyle accident, having good insurance is absolutely essential to ensuring that you can focus on your recovery and not on searching for ways to pay for medical bills.  Our recommendation is to have full-tort, motorcycle-specific coverage with the absolutely highest amount of Medical Expense Benefit and UM/UIM Benefits coverage you could afford.  If you are not sure if your motorcycle policy is adequate, call us.

    Wear your gear at all times.  Learn property and never stop learning.  Have an insurance policy that protects you.  Ride safe!

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