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Galfand Berger 2014 Settlements and Verdicts Overview

Too often, corporations and insurance companies have teams of lawyers and deep pockets protecting their interests. Who is fighting for you?  Since 1947, Philadelphia personal injury lawyers at Galfand Berger have been the voice for injured workers, consumers and individuals in our courts.  We are proud of the recoveries we’ve made in 2014 on behalf of our injured clients.  While these recoveries will never make our clients whole, they help calm some of the medical, emotional and economic turmoil that a devastating injury brings with it.  Below are just a sampling of our firm recoveries:

  • Rick Jurewicz obtained a confidential settlement for a widow and her 4 children whose husband/father was fatally injured when hit by a rock that fell out of an excavator.
  • Peter Patton obtained a nearly $900,000 recovery for a client who suffered shoulder and back injuries when an industrial machine failed.
  • Peter Patton recovered $625,000 for our client who suffered a hand-crush injury.
  • Debra Jensen obtained a confidential settlement in a medical malpractice case where our client was injured during surgery.  Our client has been able to use the settlement funds to get restorative surgery and to move forward with a full recovery and healthy life.
  • Peter Patton obtained a confidential settlement for our client who suffered a closed head injury in a material-handling accident.
  • Rick Jurewicz obtained an $800,000 recovery for a Lancaster County worker who suffered amputation to 3 fingers of his right hand, caught in an in-running nip point.
  • Mike Malvey recovered a six figure settlement for our client, a tractor trailer driver, who was injured while attempting to operate a negligently maintained dock plate at a warehouse.
  • Debra Jensen obtained a six-figure recovery in a birth injury case where our young client suffered a severe injury during the birth process.  The funds we recovered will be held in trust for our client until he turns 18, providing opportunities for education and improvement in his quality of life.
  • Rick Jurewicz obtained a confidential settlement for a worker who suffered mid-forearm amputation in an improperly guarded dough machine.
  • Arthur Bugay recovered $250,000 for our client, an 83 year old passenger injured in a multi-car accident.
  • Mike Malvey obtained a six figure settlement for our client who fell in a hole outside the entrance to a large retail chain store, resulting in carpal tunnel injuries.
  • Mike McGurrin won a labor arbitration for our client who was unjustly terminated, resulting in our client’s reinstatement, with full back pay and benefits, totaling nearly $200,000.
  • Mike Malvey recovered a six figure settlement for our client, injured when an escalator  suddenly stopped, causing our client to fall and suffer a shoulder injury.
  • Michael McGurrin recovered $195,000 for our client, a construction worker, who fell approximately 25 feet severely injuring his low back requiring plates and screws. The insurance carrier also remained responsible for ongoing medical care.
  • Peter Patton obtained a $195,000 settlement or our client who suffered a left ankle injury after falling on an uneven loading dock.
  • Mike Malvey obtained a $175,000 settlement for our client who suffered a shoulder sprain after falling on ice in front of a commercial property.
  • Arthur Bugay recovered $174,000 for our client, a retired school teacher, who broke her ankle as she exited the cab, when it started to drive away before she had fully exited the vehicle.
  • Mike Malvey recovered $157,000 for our client who fell from a cracked step in front of a rental property, resulting in a broken leg.
  • Gabriela Raful obtained a $147,000 recovery for our client who injured her shoulder while working as a delivery person.
  • Gabriela Raful obtained $125,000 for our client, a migrant worker, broke his ankle while performing his duties at a recycling business.
  • Gabriela Raful recovered $125, 000 for our client who suffered back injuries in his workplace.
  • Gabriela Raful recovered $122,000 for our client, a custodian, who injured his back when he slipped and fell on water.
  • Arthur Bugay recovered nearly $100,000 for our client, a poultry machine cleaner, who suffered an arm injury on a peeling machine.
  • Peter Patton recovered nearly $115,000 for our client whose right index finger was amputated by a nutrunner tool.
  • Gabriela Raful obtained 11 years of partial workers’ compensation benefits for our client, a textile worker, after  he injured his shoulder as a result of overuse, but continued working light duty with restrictions.

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