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  • Cuisinart Product Recall

    Cuisinart Product RecallCuisinart launched a massive product recall right before the 2016 holiday season and millions of customers nationwide are unhappy. Cuisinart is a popular and well-recognized brand that manufactures and distributes food processing equipment. The company has been forced to recall over eight million food processors in the United States and Canada. The cause for the recall? The product’s blades are prone to shattering or falling apart and causing serious injuries to several consumers.

    This product recall is one of the three biggest recalls throughout history. Almost 70 people have been injured because of the defective machinery. Many of these people have suffered cuts inside their mouths or have sustained broken teeth, all because the blades have broken off while being in use and unknowingly made their way into consumer’s food. These injuries were all reported to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (USCPSC).

    It is important to know that the number of recorded injuries and complaints could easily increase in upcoming days and weeks. Not all of the complaints have yet been processed by the USCPSC and since the recall only recently came into effect, more consumers could have been injured in the interim period. What is particularly concerning, however, is that reports are beginning to surface that Cuisinart may have known years ago about the dangers that its products posed to customers. Cuisinart itself created a website for safety complaints back in 2011, and reports of blades breaking and being present in food first began appearing then. Yet, the recall was only initiated 5 years later, in 2016. It has been discovered that on popular shopping websites like Amazon and eBay that similar, serious complaints were documented as far back as 2012. If Cuisinart did know that its products were unsafe to consumers, one wonders why they did not instate a recall years ago, before more people were injured.

    The nationwide recall calls for the return of food processing models manufactured as far back as July of 1996. That said, consumers are reporting to have food processors from the 1980s that have the exact same type of blades as the recalled models. Some even have the same model numbers. This means that food processors from more than 20 years ago may be similarly unsafe and dangerous.

    Cuisinart is offering their customers replacement blades for their food processors if they are contacted via Internet or telephone. However, the amount of calls that are flooding in are so high, it is extremely unlikely that all consumers will be able to obtain new, safe blades before the holiday season arrives. This poses a problem for cooking large amounts of food as well as for gift-giving. The Cuisinart commission on safety complaints cites that they are receiving anywhere from 1,500-2,000 phone calls each and every day. This shows that a huge number of consumers have been affected by this recall and also brings light to the fact that additional injuries and complaints are more than likely to be reported.

    What is most important is to be aware of what models are affected by this recall. Although Cuisinart is recalling models from 1996-2015, remember that consumers are reporting that models from the 1980s and on could be just as dangerous. While the recall may create an obstacle when it comes to food preparation and gifts, you and your family’s safety is the most important! Please make sure that if you own a Cuisinart food processor that you visit their consumer safety complaint website to see if you should call or email the company to receive new, safe blades for your equipment. Please make sure that if you own one of the recalled models that you immediately discontinue use and have not purchased one to give as a present for the upcoming season. We here at Galfand Berger, LLP wish you and your loved ones a wonderful holiday!

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