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  • Faulty Ignition Switch Costs 90 Cents A Car to Fix

    By now our firm has reported on the recall of millions of GM cars because of a faulty ignition switch (GM Recall).

    For a cost of 90 cents a car, and a one-time retooling investment of $400,000, GM could have fixed this problem years ago.  They chose not to do so.  Instead, they took a chance on the lives of American drivers.  And, at least 13 people are dead and many injured as a result of this gamble.

    While today’s GM is making good, reliable, American-made cars, the company’s callous, cost-savings approach in the early 2000s demonstrate why the civil justice system is an important voice for the American consumer.

    Two tenacious parents who lost a daughter hired a lawyer to find out why their daughter died.  This lawyer’s investigative work,  his use of experts,  and the civil justice system revealed GM’s indifferent behavior to consumers.

    We ordinarily do not highlight media on our website; however, this clip from Michael Smerconish eloquently summarizes the value of the civil justice system.  So, the next time someone discusses tort reform, remember GM!

    See Michael Smerconish’s link here.