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  • Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyers: Remedies for Bouncer Assaults

    By Arthur L. Bugay, Esq.

    Alice was injured at the dance club.  She was there to celebrate her parent’s anniversary.  She arrived as a group and had a few drinks before taking to the dance floor.  While there, she bumped into another dancer who spilled a drink on her dress.  She got angry; but before anything else occurred, Alice found herself surrounded by the club’s “security personnel,” their bouncers.  Without a word, they grabbed her from behind, lifted her off the ground and carried her out.  Along the way they severely broke her ankle and she required surgery. Carrie was at a bar when a bouncer pulled out a gun and shot another patron.  Carrie was wounded in the cross fire.  Dave was punched by a bouncer a block away from its entrance.  Steve, a dancer, was thrown down a flight of steps by the dance club’s bouncers.  Doug had his head slammed against a door frame while being escorted out of a bar. All of these incidents occurred.  They all involve injuries caused by bouncer negligence –  through poor hiring, training and/or conduct.  Each case was settled or is currently in litigation.

    In Philadelphia, there is an ordinance to protect people from being injured by poorly trained bouncers.  Philadelphia Code, Ordinance §9-3602 requires all bouncers to be registered.  That is “no person shall perform the duties of a bouncer … without completing a prescribed third party training course and without registering as a bouncer with the administrative agency.”  Further, this law precludes bars or dance clubs from “employing a bouncer … if the bouncer is not registered as a bouncer with the administrative agency [or] if that bouncer does not possess a valid business privilege license.  Philadelphia Code, Title IX §9-3603.  Bar owners who hire bouncers with violent criminal backgrounds or dangerous propensities risk civil liability for injuries caused by their negligent conduct.

    If you, a family member or a friend have been injured at a nightclub or bar by a bartender, bouncer or other employee of that establishment, the Philadelphia personal injury lawyers at Galfand Berger can help. With decades of experienced handling complex personal injury lawsuits throughout the Philadelphia region, including the areas of Allentown & Harrisburg, our attorneys have the knowledge and litigation skills to fight for the maximum recovery to which you are entitled.  Call us at 1-800-222-USWA (8792) or contact us online.

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