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  • Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer Discusses Motorcycle Safety & T-CLOCS

    By Henry Yampolsky, Esq.

    Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyers advocate for injured victims of motorcycle accidents. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation, the organization responsible for administering the majority of motorcycle training in the United States is fond of acronyms.  One of the most important ones I have learned during my Basic Rider’s Course is T-CLOCS.  I have modified it with three simple letters, which happen to symbolize my favorite motorcycle brand.  My acronym is BMW T-CLOCS.  These letters help me remember nine checks I go through before setting off on any ride.

    These letters stand for:

    * Body and gear – how do I feel before my ride?  Am I physically ready to ride?  Do I have the appropriate gear for the conditions I am likely to encounter?

    * Mind – am I emotionally and mentally ready to ride?  Am I alert, focused and present?  Do I have a contingency plan if I break down or have an accident?

    * Weather and Road Conditions – what weather and road conditions am I likely to encounter on my ride?  Am I ready to tackle (i.e. whether I have the right gear, experience, preparation etc.) whatever I am likely to encounter?

    * Tires and Wheels – how much usable tread is there on the tires?  Do the tires have appropriate tire pressure?  Are there any cracks on the rims?

    * Controls – are all the main controls operating properly?  Is anything broken or bent?  Are the controls properly adjusted?

    * Lights – are the turn signals, brake light and the headlamp functioning the way they should?

    * Oil –  is the oil level/pressure appropriate?  Are there any leaks?

    * Chassis –  is the front and rear suspension properly adjusted and responds properly to inputs?  Is the belt, chain or shaft drive in a good operating condition.

    * Stand – is the side/kickstand operational?  Does it retract fully?  Does the engine/transmission/side-stand interlock work properly?     

    Although at first this nine-step routine can seem onerous, it actually takes just a few minutes to go through all the steps, as many of them require no more than a quick glance at an appropriate area of the bike.  I’d rather take the few moments in my driveway than have a close encounter with a ditch where I would have ended up because my tire pressure was too low.  So make BMW T-CLOCS along with ATTGAT (All The Gear All The Time) part of your routine on every ride.

    If you or a loved one is injured in a motorcycle accident, the Philadelphia personal injury lawyers at Galfand Berger, LLP can help you recovery the compensation to which you are entitled. With law offices in center city Philadelphia, Reading and Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, we are conveniently located to serve clients throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania, including the Allentown and Harrisburg regions, as well as all of Southern New Jersey. Call us at 1-800-222-USWA (8792) or contact us online to schedule a free consultation to discuss your motorcycle accident.